Methods Of Ensuring Your Lawn Remains Healthy During Summer


In case you live in a warmer climate, summer can be the toughest months of the year for lawns.    While summer is a time for thriving for many turfs, it can also be a time for a turf which is not well taken care of to suffer from many different problems which can lead to stress and poor health.    By applying a few lawn mowing techniques, you can greatly improve any type of a lawn as you navigate your way through the warmest months of the year.

Watering is among the most efficient method of maintaining healthy lawns   Watering is an important aspect of turf health in summer.   Doing proper lawn watering will enable your lawn to send roots much deeper in the soil profile.    This puts the roots below the evaporation level of the top soil, and as a result, the turf will become more heat and drought tolerant.

One can train turf to develop a deep root system through watering as soon as the signs of wilting starts to show.    Besides, give the turf a deep drink of water during this period.    This is an efficient way of ensuring that the turf develop an extensive root system.

It is easy to maintain a lawn heathy during summer if it has been maintained healthy all through.   It will be difficult for you to try maintaining the turf healthy during summer.    The same case applies to winter Lawn Care Greenville.    Applying fertilizer to your turf should be done at the beginning of both winter and summer.    You should ensure that you fertilize your turf with high-quality fertilizer before the onset of the season so that the lawn is at its peak when the heat arrives.

The biggest challenge facing turfs during summer is loss of moisture.    This is a problem that can be solved through proper watering as discussed above.   In addition, it is possible to reduce the amount of water loss through evaporation.    Although cutting a lawn short is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn during summer, sometimes it is important to increase the lawn mowing height.    Increase the height of mowing allows the leaves of the grass to shield the soil from direct sunlight and therefore, reducing the rate of water loss    In addition, mulch mowing is also a good way of conserving water.

Some treatment for lawn pests and weeds, especially the ones which are not applied by a professional can be harmful to the lawn.    Therefore, one should avoid applying these treatments during the warmer periods of the year.

Following the above tips will ensure that lawn Mowing Greenville is easier and more efficient for the home owners and will give you a healthy lawn.


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